Revolution IP Solution

Solution-as-a-Service and cloud communication transformation
Recent pandemic situation, many business affected with problem of sudden changed in movement control and it caused staff not allowed to work in office.
Operation team in the office get mess with arrangement below:-
1. How to answer office’s call at home / other place
2. How system integrator support customer from remote

The trend of working from home is practiced during pandemic period. Is just the matter of readiness / awareness of setup and implementation. Surprisingly, the coverall cost is lower compared to legacy system.

Below shown benefits of SaaS / Cloud Communication Solution

  • OPEX Model
  • Low start up cost
  • Mobility
  • Scalability
  • Integrate with other application
  • Administration and management 

Please refer to pages below for solution we are providing:-

* IP base PBX System
* Cloud PBX Solution
* VoIP Billing software
* Contact Center Solution
* Video Conferencing
* Digital Signage
* Monitoring platform
* Digital Marketing
* Electronic Shelf Label

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