Contact Center Solution + CRM

Main objective

Continuous improvement

  • Maintain a consistent level of customer service.
  • Identify service representation who need more training.
  • Elevate candidates who are eligible for advancement.
  • Pinpoint areas of concern / success.
  • More easily gauge customer.
  • Organize your contacts – All details, and any communication you’ve had with them in single place
  • Focus – CRM can tell where each contact is in the customer journey
  • Effortlessly organized – Track every potential sales in your pipeline, upcoming tasks and to dos.

is kind of unique solution that designed and suitable to companies in “Service Industry” which need to feedback from customer for continues improvement, call logging, call recording, continues support, follow up cases, make calls from database in system, and etc.

  • Outbound predictive dialer
  • Inbound call
  • Outbound call
  • Survey
  • Customization to suite customer requirement

Key features:

  • Login
  • Pop up customer information
  • Call handling
  • case management
  • agent activity

Type of reports:

  • Case report
  • Call monitoring
  • Call report
  • Agent performance
  • Call Queue report
  • Wallboard

Usually Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is the best platform to manage customer related inquiries. CRM is wide as it segregated to many portion such as sales, marketing, technical, and etc BUT…… common feedback is,  don’t know HOW to kick start. It might due to TOO MANY option that caused confusion if inquiries received.
One of the most valuable module, which is “TICKETS”. This module designed to capture, follow up on important feedback / inquiries for service improvement purpose.

With team of software developer, Contact Center Solution “CUSTOMIZE” with BASIC module of “TICKETS” that added into the Contact Center System. This ease of “Customer Service Representative” with single interface to handle all necessary feedback and forward to correct channel to handle it.

Another we felt it is important module, “DOCUMENT“. This is additional module is valuable to customer service agent as reference. such as Standard Operating Procedure, new promotion campaign, announcement and etc.
This to overcome common problem of customer service agent doesn’t award of above mentioned possible marketing’s activity, this caused unprofessional service to customer and image of the company will be turn down.

Cloud Call Center Platform

Designed to leverage on-premise IP PBX System that connect to Cloud Contact Center Platform in public network. This solution is most suitable to Small Medium Enterprise, insurance agent, new setup of e-commerce company, and etc.

Without heavy investment, customer subscribe as a service from us. Cloud Contact Center Platform + CRM that provide fast setup and implementation. With this value added solution, is provide better response and feedback to customer. This will make customer confident with service provided.

High level network diagram

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On Premise Call Center Server
Usually applicable to 
1. Corporate with big team of contact center agents
2. Customization of reports, system flow, and etc
3. Concern of customer database shared in public network
4. Better control of system backup, database backup.
* Remarks : Will propose to network segregation between voice and data network. Please refer to high level network diagram below.

Redundancy – High Availability
High Availability is highly recommended option to customers to avoid any downtime. We willing to offer lower price in overall investment of “on premise redundancy Contact Center Server”.