Digital Signage

Digital Signage, is a solution  for digital images, video streaming media and information to broadcast / to display through LCD display, video wall and any other possible media which can be seen by anyone in public.

Digital Signage can be found in public areas, transportation systems, shopping malls, hotels, Exhibition, and outdoor advertising. Digital Signage market is expected to grow tremendously by year 2020.

With open-source trend nowadays, cost to moving forward of solution digital signage  is much more lower with practicality in terms of investment and so on.
Now with combination of hardware, software and platform, you can run a digital signage on “Single Motherboard Computer” with platform to mange it. This solution is simple, cost effective, plug&play and easy to manage. The most important is, with this setup, the system will able to fulfill requirements as high end of digital signage solution / device.

Support most of the media format, offline working, hosted service, upload links, create playlist, multi-zone, different layouts and dimensions, deploy to group, scheduling playlists, group settings, monitor players, dashboard, and etc.