Cloud PBX / IP-Centrex

Cloud PBX / IP-Centrex is a software based platform where PBX features are hosted in public network by Telco operator / voice service provider.
End user connect via IP network to the service provider for voice service.

Benefits of Cloud PBX / IP-Centrex:

  • Full-fledged IP PBX Features
  • Subscribe to multiple VoIP Telco for lower line rental & call termination
  • Can work from anywhere with internet connectivity
  • FREE call among community
  • Easy to scale up or down
  • Can maintain by IT Staff or administrator
  • Plug & play
  • Mobility
  • Soft-phone as VoIP endpoint

Cloud PBX / IP Centrex is a real-time voice switching platform. This solution suitable to Telco operator / voice service provider who want to provide Mobile and fixed-line voice services.

IP Centrex 
modular that focus on functionality and reliability.
– SIP and TDM Voice Switching
– Flexible and intelligent routing
– Transcoding and media services
– Session Border Controller
– Topology Hiding
– SIP Header manipulation

High level network diagram 

With hardware requirements below
IP-Centrex can handle up to 20,000 extensions and 2,000 enterprises with full flash of PABX features, is like big PABX system in Public Cloud Network.

SIP Client, SIP devices can be connect anywhere with condition of connectivity to public network. with single SIP Client on individual VoIP device, all IP-PBX functions are ready for you.