Open Source Software

Software: Open source software is software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify and enhance.
Hardware: It started with low cost, credit card sized computer.

Combination of software & hardware, innovative idea and solution designed for better solution at lower cost.

I felt this solution is much more valuable compared to Network IP Camera because of flexibility to add other module. Most important is flexibility to move on.


Main objective:-

  • Remote area without cabling / ad-hoc monitoring / attention needed
  • Event organizer – Roadshow
  • Home user
  • Developer – To monitor daily work status / update

Initial concept of Remote Camera


IP-PBX system

With current technology, forum and information sharing in internet, we can setup own IP-PBX System. Most of IP-PBX System are “Open Source”,  you allowed to download “Image” file for setup purpose.

Revolution IP Solution team setup Open Source IP-PBX System on “Small, Compact” computer with hardware specification of :-
1) 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU
2) 1GB RAM
With this hardware specification, you can setup a IP-PBX with maximum of 8 channels and estimate of 15 extensions.

Asterisk hardware sizing chart as below:-

Purpose Number of Channels Minimum Requirement
Hobby System No more than 5 400MHz x86, 256MB RAM
SOHO Up to 10 1GHz x86, 512MB RAM
Small Medium Enterprise Up to 25 3GHz x86, 1GB RAM

Digital Signage with Centralize Monitoring System platform 

Running on credit card size, single-board computer. It is very low investment in cost to setup a digital signage.

– Supports HD Video, MP3 Images, HTML, repos & links (CORS included), Youtube, Streaming content, media RSS, PDF etc.
– More than 15 in-built layout templates and support for custom templetes upload.
– Work offline
– Advance scheduling
– Flexible in content sourcing