Services offered

Voice over Internet protocol
With IP Communication advancement, IP-PBX, IP-Phone, Analogue Telephone Adaptor (ATA), Soft-phone getting famous, customer can subscribe either SIP Trunk or Hosted PBX (IP_Centrex) with service provider for :-
1) Cheaper line rental
2) Cheaper outgoing call rates
3) Free call within community
4) Can be use in oversea to avoid roaming charge from Telco

Dedicated Internet Access (Lease Line)
Dedicated Internet Access service is a broadband service with transmission either over wireless radio (Wireless lease Line) or Fiber-Optic connection (Metro-E) from nearest Telco’s exchange.
This service to provide with higher bandwidth, constant bandwidth, as internet redundancy. Beside that, it also solved broadband problem for customer in rural area that Telco’s service not reached by subscribe of wireless lease line service.
Summary : –
1) Internet Redundancy beside existing Telco
2) Service Level Agreement from 99.7%
3) Competitive price
4) With lower sharing contention ratio compare to VDSL provided by Telco
5) Virtual Private Network with branches

Wireless High Speed Broadband
– This service suitable to ad-hoc event organiser that needs higher internet speed.
– It also suitable to traveller to Malaysia that need portable Wifi service when travel in this country.
Advantages :
– Easy / fast deployment
– Plug and Play
– No contact binding
– Usage based on quota
– Monitor own accounts

Global System for Mobile Communication
GSM with local number’s service are suitable to customer that request company number for business without depend to local Telco.
Advantages :
1) Plug & Play
2) Lower line rental
3) Lower call rate

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